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#AlfaMedCPD courses will recommence May 2022!!

Welcome to AlfaMed

What we do, we do it well - Providing you with Specialist Emergency Care & Training

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About AlfaMed

AlfaMed is based in Nuneaton N. Warwickshire and was established in early 2018 to strive for quality and value for money in the delivery of event medical care and training.
AlfaMed is owned and operated by Ben Sévellec, an Advanced Paramedic (Independent Prescriber) in Urgent Care, who alongside a team of health care professionals have many years of experience working in NHS ambulance services, GP out-of-hours service, university Paramedic education and delivering first aid training.
In addition, AlfaMed staff have a wide range of experiences in medical support, from air shows to motorsport events such as the Isle of Man festival of motorcycling as well as experience supporting corporate events and film productions.
Whether you are looking for a training provider or an emergency care provider for your event or arts production, you can see that the team at AlfaMed have the experience and skills to deliver.
AlfaMed doesn’t just offer services in the local area either, we are able to offer a nationwide coverage!

Our Name & Brand

“The AlfaMed name and zebra logo were inspired by something very personal to me. The company is partly named after my eldest son Alfie, and the logo was inspired by his stuffed toy zebra, that he loves. (We now have two children, so I need to incorporate the youngest somehow)” 

Ben Sévellec – Owner

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