Leicester Marathon

Leicester Marathon

Today marked another day of partnership working in event medicine, with one of our Paramedics (the boss- seen in ambulance selfie) working with St John Ambulance (SJA) covering the Leicester Marathon.

Having arrived in Leicesters Victoria Park on what turned out to be a cold miserably wet day in October, our Paramedic was briefed by the SJA team before setting about the vital task of locating the kettle and lunch packs.

Ben was crewed with one of the SJA Nurses who also happened to be the regional clinical manager! So no pressure then………

For those of you with any interest in running will of course know that a cooler weather conditions are much better and more efficient to run in than a swelteringly hot day. The problem with rain is that you risk cooling down much faster since water conducts heat away from the body around 10 times quicker than air. Chaffing is another problem encountered by runners whose clothing fabric causes friction to the extent of making the skin bleed on occasion.

Despite the poor weather conditions, heat exhaustion and heat stroke are surprisingly still a risk during prolonged exercise since it is the heat generated by the muscles that is problematic. AlfaMeds’ health professionals are trained to recognise and promptly treat such cases, of which heat stroke is the most serious and potentially life threatening for which rapid cooling of the competitor is called for.

So with the 2018 Leicester Marathon finishing successfully (albeit with less than expected runners), we bid you adieu until the next blog post. In the meantime, AlfaMed continues to offer services to event organisers as a sole medical provider or to work alongside other organisations to enhance the level of emergency care that can be provided at an event.


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