Unexpected medical emergencies do happen, and some projects will increase the risk. For you as an event organiser or production manager, you need the reassurance that you have a skilled and experienced emergency care team on standby should you need it.


Do you know the skill set to expect from your medical team? Are you expecting to get health professionals, but getting first aiders? You won’t know how capable your medical team is until you need them, by which time it’s too late to do change! 

You as an event organiser must satisfy yourself that your chosen medical team is capable of managing any emergency situation promptly and effectively.

That’s where AlfaMed comes in!

We specialise in the provision of Paramedic led teams to provide emergency response and treatment to your event. Paired with our mobile resources and static treatment centres, patients will be seen by our experienced clinicians who will assess, treat and discharge/ refer patients of any severity.

At AlfaMed we pride ourselves in being able to offer a well governed, transparent, reliable and professional medical support to events around the UK.

Our team comprises hand picked experienced health care professionals (Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT)Paramedics and Advanced Practitioners (inc Independent prescribers)) , supported by a fantastic team of First Responders. Our staff are equipped with the medicines and equipment they need to provide a high standard of care; giving everyone the reassurance of a prompt and professional response in the event of an unexpected medical emergency.

Please take the time to look at the summary of staff training and experience, as well as the competencies that you can expect from our clinicians.

Emergency Medical Technician

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Education and Experience
  • NHS Ambulance Service trained (various qualifications with approx 16wks training)
  • 3yrs+ experience in NHS ambulance service (we don’t employ EMT’s without this)
  • EMT’s are the most junior clinicians that AlfaMed employ
  • Can administer a limited range of emergency medicines
  • Able to administer Oxygen and Entonox (pain relief gas)
  • Adult and paediatric Basic Life Support capabilities
  • Valuable support for senior clinicians
  • Excellent scene management + logistical skills
  • Management of fractures
  • First aid treatment that exceeds ‘first aider’ skill set
  • EMTs can access clinical support from our Paramedics/ Advanced Practitioners, either face to face or remotely

This is not an exhaustive list.


Education and experience
  • Registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)
  • 2yrs+ in training (usually University educated) 
  • Many currently work in the NHS with 2yrs + post registration experience
  • Regular continued professional development
  • Extensive clinical knowledge and diagnostic capabilities
  • Able to treat all patient groups/ ages
  • Intravenous cannulation
  • Adult and paediatric advanced life support resuscitation capabilities
  • Advanced airway management skills
  • Carry a wide range of injectable and non- injectable medicines (inc effective pain relief)
  • Prioritisation and management of multiple patients
  • Independently assess, treat and refer/ discharge patients

This is not an exhaustive list.

Advanced Practitioner

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Education and experience
  • Paramedic/ Nurse with extensive pre-hospital/ emergency care experience, AND
  • University educated to advanced practice level (Masters, 2+yrs additional training)
  • Many are qualified Independent prescribers
  • Working in advanced roles within urgent care, GP surgeries, emergency departments
  • Senior clinical decision makers
  • Wound assessment and closure (inc suturing)
  • Advanced clinical assessment + examination skills
  • Treat minor illnesses/ injuries (inc. antibiotics)
  • Treat long term health conditions (e.g asthma, diabetes)
  • Effectively reduce hospital attendances from events

This is not an exhaustive list.

It isn’t just life threatening emergencies that occur at events. Minor illnesses and injuries are far more likely to occur and it is these that are likely to burden local health services.

Therefore, our Advanced Practitioners with extended knowledge and capabilities can assess and treat a wide range of conditions on site without the need to attend local NHS facilities (e.g closing and dressing minor wounds, treating infections with antibiotics, pain relief).

Our staff hold current enhanced DBS (criminal record check) clearance, are insured, highly trained and supported by a robust clinical governance process.

AlfaMed will provide you with an accurate quotation for the services that you require, using recognised national guidance to inform your requirements.

BOLT ON SERVICE – If you already have an event medical support provider in place, but need additional senior medical support, then we are more than happy to work alongside them to enhance the level of medical care available. Remember that if you require a medical provider to transport a patient to hospital in England, they MUST be registered the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The services provided by AlfaMed are exempt from CQC regulation, but we often work with other CQC registered Ambulance providers to ensure that high quality emergency care is provided through to handover with local NHS services.

Get in touch either by phone, email at enquiries@alfamedsect.co.uk or via the contact form on the website and we will reply as soon as possible.

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